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Illicit Material

There is no doubt that questionable material and people with criminal motivations can be encountered in the Internet.  According to law enforcement agencies Internet crime is reaching epidemic proportions. 


The risks involved while surfing the Internet can be similar to walking around a crowded city in an underdeveloped country.  There are a lot of new and exciting things to see, bargains to be had, and plenty to learn.  But there are risks; you could be pick-pocketed, mugged or even kidnapped or killed.  We often take our chances to experience new things, but keep our guard up at all times.  The same should be done on the Internet.

Parental controls are often single computer versions of their commercial cousin, content management.  The big difference in the corporate world is that machines or network devices are dedicated to the task of monitoring the users.  The users, who are being "controlled," have no access to the content manager, unlike the home versions that are software application running on the individual systems.  However on home

computers, keeping a motivated child from bypassing parental controls is completely impossible.  There is no such thing as a locked down computer if you have physical access to it.  Because of this reality, product vendors who are selling personal controls to parents are playing on fear and ignorance.  In fact the easiest way to bypass almost every parental control software and service is to load a browser besides Internet Explorer. 

Information on how to bypass parental controls is very easy to find.  For example, type "bypass parental controls" in Google and see in the top ten results you will see sites that explain, in detail, how to defeat many varieties of parental controls.  Try this example:


In the formation of, one of the goals was to be able to refer people to effective parental control software.  However, what we found after examining dozens of parental control software packages that they are all a sham.

There is hope.  Corporate content filters when combined with a well configured firewall can be very difficult to defeat.  Unfortunately, for home users this is not economically feasible. is about to change that.  Coming soon we will be releasing our home router/firewall appliance that contains an enterprise grade content filter and firewall.  We will also have a users forum to discuss ways that children, or even parents, are finding ways around our product so we can continuously close each hole as it is discovered.  We operate on a no secrets policy.  Our triumphs and failures will be in the open for everyone to see and participate in making the Internet a safer place for our children. 

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