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Get out of the fire!

About 90% of internet users get on the web with Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer.  Unfortunately that make 90% a target by only firing at one application!   It is a lot easier not to get burned by simply getting out of the fire than putting on layer after layer of protection. 

Those looking to make a successful attack do not spend their time finding holes in software that is not used very often.   Simply changing the web browser you use will reduce your risk by 90%+.   If you change the operating system you are using too your risk drops close to zero very fast.  

Our recommended web browser for most users is Mozilla's Firefox, because it is very easy to adapt to, is very quick to respond to security vulnerabilities, and out performs most other browsers.  If your adventurous try Apple's Safari or Opera web browsers.  These are both very good browsers, with an even smaller risk profile.

Besides the web browser there are many other angles of attack.  Again the most common system attacked is Microsoft Windows.   Many attacks are successful on well updated and protected system simply by tricking the user into running something they shouldn't have.  The tricks are really good and even the best security people even tricked once in a while, but if you aren't running an operating system that the attack was designed for it is useless and will fail.  For the best defense get far away from the fire.  The Mac computer has made a tremendous comeback and is considered to be much easier to use and maintain than Microsoft Windows.   Today it is a great solution to staying out of the fire, but as its usage grows, it too will come under attack.  Right now the least attacked operating system that is still very usable on the Internet is Linux, however it does not come preinstalled on a computer and you must install it.   Ubuntu is considered to be the easiest Linux version to install.   Most computer users can install it on any computer inside of 30 minutes.